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Can you answer these three E-Z questions about your Louisville, Kentucky house?

1)  Do you have a Louisville, Kentucky house that you can’t sell, rent or fix?

2)  Do you have flexibility on price or terms?

3)  Do you NEED (not just “want”) to sell a Louisville, Kentucky house FAST?

If your answer is “YES!” to all three questions, please take a moment to fill out our online form.  We’ll get in contact with you after that and see what we can do to help you.

-Dave and Marie Coffey

Fast Cash House Buyers, LLC

Louisville, Kentucky


Who is this for?

Sell my Louisville house fast
Yes, you could be the next happy seller!


Our services are to help

  • Tired, suffering landlords
  • Investors who have decided they want to get out of real estate
  • Frazzled out-of-town owners
  • Worn-out estate executors
  • Concerned family members at the end of their rope
  • Anyone else who wants to sell a Louisville, KY house for fast cash money to solve a problem and get some peace.

If you are one of these types of folks, you know first hand that houses sure can sometimes start out as a dream and end up as a nightmare. (And if it’s not a nightmare, it can at least be a drag on you, consuming time, energy and money that you could put to better use.)

If you think it’s time to move on, you can call me at (502) 631-9392 about any Louisville, KY house you absolutely MUST sell fast in order to improve your situation. (If you don’t want to call, you can click here to let us know by email that you want to talk.) We Buy Houses Cash. We Buy Houses Fast.

Why would I contact Dave?

Because you need to get a Louisville, Kentucky house sold quickly for cash money without playing around.

  • Need money right now for something very important to you?
  • Need to trade a headache-causing house for the security of a monthly income stream?
  • Tired of dealing with dreamer wannabe buyers with no money and no credit?
  • Have a sale fall apart because of some fast-talking “pretend” real estate investor?
  • Have a rental house occupied by someone not paying rent or causing problems (or both)?
  • Inherited a house you don’t want to keep?
  • Unable to get house repairs done due to cost or other reason?
  • Have a house that is the source of friction in the family and it needs to GO?

No matter what the reason may be, you contact me because you want a buyer who can make a quick decision, stick with it and put cash money in your pocket.

Won’t it feel great to be free of that property that is such a painful burden? Are you ready to feel good, again?

We Buy Houses Louisville Cash

So what’s the big deal about “cash money”?

Here’s the big deal:  In this economy, banks are too scared to lend money to a lot of folks to buy houses.  They don’t lend money quickly, either.

(Not to mention, they don’t want to lend money at all to people to buy houses that have problems!)  It’s too risky for them.

You will likely find that a bank won’t want to lend money to someone who wants to buy your house if the house has:

  • a leaky roof
  • broken windows
  • foundation cracks
  • mold
  • trouble-making tenants
  • need of a bunch of updates or just hasn’t been taken good care of for many years
  • been vacant, causing concern about vandalism, fire, bad condition, insurance/utility bills

If your house has some of these problems AND you need:

  • Freedom from a problem house you don’t want
  • Cash in a flash

…then you need a buyer who can buy FAST without going to a bank.  If you want cash money, and not frustration, call me. We Buy Houses Companies. We Buy Houses Companies Louisville.

Call NOW!

What happens next after I call Dave?

You and I just talk.  You tell me about the house and your situation.  At the end of the call, if it looks like something can be worked out, you tell me to come on out and take a look.  Normally, if I come to the property, I give a written offer. It sounds simple because it is.

(I will give you a heads up: I don’t have a clue about fancy negotiating techniques and I don’t try to pressure people into selling to me.  You and I will just talk like normal people, and if it works out, it works out.  If it doesn’t work out right now, maybe it will work out in the future.  In the meantime, we keep it friendly and non-stressful. )

Sell Louisville houses. We buy Louisville house fast!

How can I know that I can trust you?

I have been in business since 2001, starting in Ohio, then in Kentucky.  I have a track record of helping people solve their problems for a long time. My company, Fast Cash House Buyers, LLC is registered in good standing with the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Secretary of State.

We are also members in Good Standing of the local Better Business Bureau.

So far as other evidence of trustworthiness goes, here is what some nice people who have happily sold houses to me have said (in writing). Each one felt good enough about it that they gave me permission to use their comments in my advertising:


You followed through on your word and made everything quick and simple. Everything was done in  an amazing 26 hours.

-Doug Wilder, Business owner, Louisville, KY


He treated us with respect. He was very efficient and prompt in concluding our sale. We highly recommend him and his services.

-Barbara Keel, Home maker, Madeira, Ohio


We needed to sell the house as-is and no real estate agent would help…You always called when you said you would and followed-up with details. And you made the closing easy.

-Alice Pace, Nurse, Taylorsville, KY


…He was very nice and did exactly what he agreed to in a very business-like way.

-Edward Redmon, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Louisville, KY


We had a house that needed work, and needed to sell quickly. Dave Coffey bought for the price he agreed upon and let us pick the closing date. We also sold the house “as-is”.

-Donald Summers, Ford Employee, Louisville, KY


We did not want to hassle with agents or listings. We needed to sell a home that had been neglected. You were very considerate of our needs and understood our situation.

-Marina Brizendine, Salesperson, Louisville, KY


You focused on all the details and relieved my stress…

-Susan Weibel, Simpsonville, KY


When can I get started?

You can start right now.

Someone has to say it, so it might as well be me: You really MUST start right now!  There are very few problems in life that get better as a result of just sitting there and doing nothing.  Solving house problems is one that usually will not get better with time.

Do yourself a favor and contact me RIGHT NOW; I have been helping people solve their problems for years, BUT you can’t get me to try to help YOU if you don’t “raise your hand” to tell me about it!  So please, take the first step and go ahead and click HERE to let me know you are ready to talk and try to make things better!



How do I get started?

Just call me at (502) 631-9392, or fill out my online form.

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One last thought for you

I’m not asking you for money, or to make any commitments, or even to make any decisions. So there is NO RISK TO YOU at all, and EVERY reason to call me right now!



PS. I don’t have access to enough cash money to buy every house people want to sell me, so you should contact me NOW. That way you can get your cash money before someone else does!

Call me at (502) 631-9392 RIGHT NOW to get your no-risk, FREE cash money quote!




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