Would you like to see how fast you can get rid of your unwanted house?

Sell your lLouisville house for fast cash!
This photo was taken in 2005; people were getting results with me even when I was still skinny!

The fastest we’ve ever bought a house is 26 hours from the time we looked at it until we had the closing and paid the seller…do you want to see if we can beat our own record when we buy YOUR house?  (We can’t say that 26 hours is typical, but there is nothing wrong with trying to improve on that, is there?)

Hey there! My name is Dave Coffey.  My wife Marie and I have been buying houses for investment and business since 2000.  If you have a house that you NEED to sell fast, please contact us first. We like to buy houses that are not the “typical” ones.  We are perfectly OK with houses that need lots of work, have been vacant or neglected, are outdated, are filled with “stuff”, and yes, even houses  that smell bad!  (Don’t get us wrong, we also like hoses that are in good shape.)

If you have a house that you can’t sell, rent or fix, NEED to sell it FAST, and are flexible on your price or terms CALL US NOW!!!We Buy Houses Louisville KY

Here is what we can offer you:

  • A kind and respectful attitude toward you, your situation and your house.
  • Freedom from worry.  We handle the paper work, set up real estate closings, and just make it easy for you.
  • Freedom from needing to clean up or repair anything before you sell. We really buy houses in “As-is” condition.
  • Freedom from commissions and fees.

There is just no reason to not call us if you NEED to get rid of a house fast and you can’t sell, rent or repair it and have flexibility on price or terms.  We are just regular Louisville people you can talk to, not some out of town company or a beginner real estate investor.  We’re the real deal.  So…you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us right now by filling out the little form on the right, or calling us at the number below.

Hope to hear from you!


Dave and Marie Coffey

(502) 631-9392